Psychotherapy & Counselling, Bristol | Counselling and Psychotherapy in Bristol
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Are you suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or stage fright?


Feeling low or struggling with constant sadness?

Burnt Out?

Do you regularly feel overwhelmed or exhausted?

Low Self-Esteem?

Suffering with low confidence and self-esteem?

How I Can Help

Whether it’s a period of transition, a challenging relationship or just a sense of feeling stuck, I provide a safe and confidential environment for people to talk through their difficulties, receive support, explore options and learn new skills to help deal with the challenges of life.

When working with you I see you as an individual with your own unique set of experiences and life history. It may be that you have a particular issue, problem, behaviour or goal that you wish to work on – or perhaps you’re experiencing a more general sense of anxiety, depression or burnout.

I will work with you to develop new strategies for managing and relating to difficult or unwanted patterns of behaviour and explore how you can respond to yourself and to others in a way that is more satisfying for you.

About Me

With previous experience as both a performer and a professional in the arts, media and marketing industries I spent much time studying human behaviour and exploring how we behave and communicate with each other. It’s a curiosity and skill that I bring to both my work as a therapist and to my family and relationships.

As a father of two children and for many years a freelance worker I also feel particularly attuned to the modern day challenges of juggling multiple roles and the sometimes competing demands of work and family.

When working with you I bring plenty of life experience as well as extensive training in a range of therapeutic models including Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Formative & Existential therapy. My practice is strongly influenced by the work of Carl Rogers, Stanley Keleman, Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir Irvin, Yalom and John Sarno.

BACP Registered Therapist

I am a registered member of the BACP which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. I am in ongoing supervision and professional development at Spectrum Therapy, a UKCP registered centre for humanistic psychotherapy.


I have a particular interest in men’s issues and believe that counselling and psychotherapy can play an important role in helping men to define themselves and shape their lives.

As a performer and professional in the creative industries I have a strong interest in how we connect with our creativity and also in developing strategies to deal with the pressure and particular challenges that often come with this territory.

As a parent I am aware that children and family life present a unique opportunity to examine our relationship with ourselves and family of origin and believe that counselling and psychotherapy can provide a constructive place from which to examine and try out new behaviours.

My Experience

I have have worked with a variety of clients in private practice and at Mountfield Surgery East Barnet on many issues including:


General anxiety disorder
Panic Attacks
Performance anxiety
Creative block
Obsessive compulsive disorder


Anger management
Self Esteem
Self Confidence
Emotional abuse


Midlife crisis
Emotional abuse
Parenting & Family Difficulties
Separation & Divorce
Life transitions


If you would like to get in touch to find out more about how I work, please feel free to contact me via text, phone or email.

Bristol, Clifton

I work from the The Practice Rooms on St Pauls Road in Clifton.